Setup A Cloud File Server Without Migrating Your Data Or Changing Work Flows!

Ever since the inception of cloud computing, the limitations that the conventional IT infrastructure experiences are becoming more apparent by the day. Businesses with inefficient technological environments are struggling to adapt to the marketplace changes that have spread like wildfire, and have brought about a revolution in the IT sector.

There are numerous reasons behind the change in infrastructure, the most prominent one being that cloud-based services provide a much more reliable and scalable infrastructure, explicitly designed for the smooth streamlining of business operations as well as growth and support development. What is stopping you from jumping on the bandwagon?

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Why TAS for Cloud Solutions?

We take immense pride in being partners with companies as renowned as Microsoft Sharepoint and Egnyte with whom we work in close collaboration to help our clients set up cloud ecosystems. We offer solutions from legacy storage to a cloud system, thus entirely eliminating the need for an in-house IT team. Cloud file servers are a part of our cloud solutions which offer you the possibility to access and dispose of files from anywhere and at any time. Being your MSP comes with additional benefits as we provide end-to-end solutions to our clients at any step of their cloud journey from initial consultation to optimization and support.


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