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Your business is continuously in danger of losing important data. Data loss can happen for a variety of causes, including hacker assaults, hardware and software malfunctions, virus and malware infestations, human mistake, and insider threats. Depending on the severity and scope of the data loss incident, your company may suffer and be forced to permanently halt operations. To survive and prosper in the always-on corporate climate of today, data backup is essential. Business continuity is made possible by having a securely backed-up copy of your mission-critical data, which reduces the chance of data loss and business downtime.

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Why TAS for Backup Management System?

We don’t only provide solutions to our clients but also set up backup management systems. Once configured, they are simple-to-use backup management systems that you can "set and forget." You can adjust backup frequencies with us to meet your company demands. Additionally, we give end users the ability to recover lost data with just a few clicks, which lessens the workload and reliance on the in-house IT team. For smooth flow of operations for our clients, we have joined hands with Veeam and Barracuda to provide backup for Microsoft 365 Emails, other data as well as protection and backup from ransomware. Maintenance over time comes as a part of the package, rest assured this isn’t a one-time deal.


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