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Your company can't afford any downtime, so it's crucial that your email system is secure. Your email management system should streamline the archiving process, making it easier for both staff and administrators to access old messages quickly and adhere to any applicable compliance regulations. In addition, your system must ensure availability by keeping email operational during both scheduled and unscheduled downtime. However, the typical mail management system is both too expensive and too complex, even if it is capable of doing everything mentioned above. Scaling is becoming increasingly costly due to the ever-increasing email volume and the difficulty in managing and maintaining solutions from a wide variety of suppliers.

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Why TAS For Email Management Service?

When it comes to email handling, TAS offers refreshingly different things. Having partnered with Microsoft for its 365Suite, TAS provides you an impeccable experience for managing emails. It's an all-inclusive service hosted in the cloud that simplifies and eliminates the expense and effort required to manage your company's email. Since TAS provides a cloud-based email management solution, it offers protection, continuity, and archiving services to your business. Other than that, we help businesses set up email accounts for new hires, as well as take care of the email accounts of employees who choose to leave the organization. Migrating emails from any platform, be it Gmail or Yahoo, also falls under our responsibilities. Our goals are to keep business email secure, accessible, and easy to administer. Being your MSP, we ensure no data is lost during our term of service with your company.


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