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Most businesses lack the in-house cyber security resources and expertise necessary to keep up with the ever-changing nature and complexities of cyber threats. Today's hacker can launch an attack with greater ease than ever before, bringing with it greater danger and uncertainty for businesses. Breaches and successful attacks can therefore cost firms millions, not to mention the damage to your brand's reputation. Nobody needs that!

Our cyber security services portfolio includes a wide range of options to cater to your business' specific requirements. In addition to meeting your needs, they can be tailored to meet your wants in terms of notifications, reporting, and dashboards. Choose the right option for your company's unique cyber security challenges with our assistance.

What we are Offering:

1. Code and documentation review

2. Compliance assessment (HIPAA, HL7, FDA, PCI DSS, GDPR, FedRAMP)

3. Cybersecurity consulting

4. Firewall configuration analysis

5. Evaluating your employees' adherence to your corporate security policy and best practices


Why TAS’ Cyber Security Services Should Be Employed?

Being one of the most reliable and pocket friendly MSSPs in town, we help protect enterprises against security risks by deploying a network of security specialists to respond to attacks as they arise or offering software and services that keep the firm data secure. We can customize every aspect of our service to address your unique cyber security needs and keep your systems safe. We also configure unique profiles and rules for effective threat mitigation, and combine various metrics and data sources in our dashboards for a bird's-eye view at all times. So protect yourself today from ransomware with our effective cybersecurity solutions.

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